• Fight on foot, on the ground and in the middle of the road, and in any environment.

  • Stand up against guns (whatever they are).

  • Gun improvisation – create weapons from what you have!

  • Channeling your energy without using useless force.

  • Empower and potentiate your reaction power.

  • Expand your strategic vision in situations of risk and anticipate actions of protection.

  • Unlink all emotional in a situation of imminent risk or in combat.

  • Learn effective techniques to remain calm.

  • Walking in the street attentive and without fear.

  • Stop being afraid of others (including hitting) and defend yourself!

  • Regain your self-esteem.

  • Have a repertoire to defend yourself in day-to-day situations.

How does the Female Personal Defense work?
The methodology is incremental and shows in a practical, objective and creative way that women can and should protect themselves, especially from situations that occur in the context of their daily life (work, home, public transport, streets, etc.). We are here to teach you how to solve your problems.
Results visible from the first lesson.
No tricks, no curling, using and developing what you already have.

Our proposal…

Prepare your spirit, calm your breathing, condition your body, be clear of your opportunities.
Change your posture, have understanding and acceptance of the circumstances by acting correctly and accurately.
Provide practical knowledge to keep you from being the next victim and be a part of statistics.
All this in a natural and balanced way, respecting the way you are and increasing your self-confidence.
Physical and emotional security.